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We are a voluteer-run nonprofit created by boots on the ground community organizers--see more on our about page.

Let's Celebrate Our Accomplishments!!!

The Biden Administration  has passed 3 huge legislative packages:

1. Not long after taking office, the American Rescue Plan was passed, the largest economic recovery plan since Roosevelt.  It allocated money for small business, vaccines, schools and anti-poverty programs, all of which prevented a depression.

2. Then, the bipartisan Infrastructure package, which was the largest infrastructure plan since Eisenhower.  This invests in better roads and bridges, broadband systems, public transport and airports.

3. And the Inflation Reduction Act, a sweeping bill which has the largest clean energy/climate change investment in US history, as well as health care changes, placing a cap on prescription drug costs in Medicare.


  •   The first gun control since Clinton

  •   The Made-in-USA computer CHIPS and Science Act

  •   The Historic Postal Reform

  •   Approval for Finland an Sweden to join NATO by unanimous Senate vote.


  •   Revived bipartisan lawmaking. Some 15 Republican Senators joined in passing all except Inflation Reduction Act and the reconciliations.

  •   Rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement

  •   Took the lead in Nato and the US Congress in effectievely supporting Ukraine against Russion aggression. 

  •   Signed off on aid to Ukraine, military and non-military

  •   Confirmed the most judges since Kennedy, including the first Africn-American woman on the Supreme Court.

  •   Ended the Afghan forever war. Despite it being chaotic, 124,000 Americans and Afghans were moved to safety.

  •   Signed the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act

  •   Revived US manufacturing, encouraging blue collar jobs.

  •   Restarted nuclear deal negotiations with Iran

  •   Returned dogs to the White House (Trump was the 1st in 100 years not to have one)

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