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*Zingers are stand-alone hard-hitting truths, AKA soundbites.

A new issue-based messaging approach for the open-minded -- Dems, Independents, Republicans. We are proposing that the way to reverse divisiveness as well as overcome misinformation and disinformation is through accurate, effective, and persuasive messaging, honest and civil dialoguing on differing views that explores common and higher ground, democratic (small "d") core values as well as policies on which to collaborate.


Denying global warming doesn't cool the Earth.

 Democratic Party, in contrast to the Republican Party, wholeheartedly supports effective measures dealing with global warming.  

Amidst our megadrought, water shortage, and ever-increasing wildfires, AZ Republican legislators sidelined 2022 proposals to combat climate change.



Don't vote for  election deniers.   Don’t let them fool you again.  Hold Lesko, Gosar, Biggs, and Schweikert accountable for attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential elections, not denouncing Trump's inciting the Capitol riot -- a crime against our country, and  opposing the January 6th Committee investigation to ensure it never happens again.



 The historic, popular American Relief Plan (March 2021) turned the pandemic around, restarted the economy and prevented a recession.  Without one Republican vote.  

The Do-Nothing Republicans have no inflation solution.  Their "answer" is to blame Biden for what he nor any president and control, to block or oppose his legislative measures, defend monopolistic corporations record profits, and avoid mentioning high inflation began in Trump's last year, in part fueled by the GOP stimulus and his raising Chinese tariffs. 


Joe made good the Infrastructure Decade, whereas the Former Guy only talked about "Infrastructure Week."


Biden's been given a bad  rap.  Worldwide high  inflation, driven by heavy demand continuing to exceed supplies , is essentially outside the control of any US president . 


Nonetheless, credit Biden for numerous anti-inflationary steps such as l owering Medicare drug gasoline prices and p umping strategic reserves oil to increase gasoline supplies.


Congressional Republicans blame Biden (but not Trump under whom high inflation began) and block (they were only partially successful preventing  lowering insulin and prescription drug), but have no viable anti-inflation plan of their own.



Dems want to foster a public education system that provides smaller class sizes, qualified teachers, extracurricular arts & sports, equitable access for every Arizona child, a public-school curriculum that covers important historical facts, the positive and negative,  and insists on respect for all, not marginalizing those not straight, White, and nationalist Christian.


The strongest democracy is an educated public. 



The best way to reduce gun violence is to stop letting extremist Republicans dictate gun policy. Vote for Democrats. 


Democrats will pass reasonable, effective gun safety and other commonsense gun laws, now blocked by congressional Republicans,* that would measurably reduce shootings, and address the social conditions breeding crime. 

*On June 25, 2022 President Biden signed the bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the most "significant" gun legislation in three decades.  But only 15 of 50 Republican senators voted for its super-minimal gun-safety enhancements that the 15 watered down, testimony to their party's widespread opposition to comprehensive gun-safety measures.



Health care policies must be based on science, and science only! 

Biden's  historic vaccination program has 220 million Americans fully vaccinated, more than 100 million boosted, and is focused on putting the pandemic behind us. 



To end abortion as a solution to unwanted pregnancy, focus on prevention not punishment.


You still have the right to choose, between voting for Republicans who took your reproductive rights or Democrats who want to return them (Mike Luckovich, Atlantic Constitution)



 DREAMERS  (2.5M children brought to the US by undocumented parents)

Democrats - supported by 70% of Americans  - rightfully want a permanent bipartisan solution that creates a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers,  a solution Senate Republicans have effectively blocked.   Biden's executive actions have provided temporary relief.   

In AZ, the bipartisan Prop 308 is on the Nov. ballot allowing Dreamers who've been two years in AZ to qualify for in-state tuition.  Vote FOR it.



If you are among a majority of Americans who want to end congressional gridlock, pass a majority agenda, and have more bipartisanship of principled compromise, your only choice is to vote Dems up and down the ballot. 


Only Dems can pass the passable



The American flag belongs to all Americans.  Don't cede it to the MAGA crowd.


Patriotism is loving your country more than your ideology. Country before politics.


Notice how Ukraine patriots are defending their capital not attacking it. 17


A majority of Americans support policies and accomplishments of the Democratic Party that the Republican Party overwhelmingly opposes. 

Examples of what Democrats and most others want and the GOP doesn't: 

·       Universal background checks, common-sense gun laws, campaign finance reform, immigration reform, freedom to choose, Obamacare, an end to congressional gridlock, etc.


·       A functioning democratic republic in which the majority rules without violating opposition as opposed to non-majority rule violating majority rights? 


·       AZ legislators who  vote the values and priorities of a majority of Arizonan voters -- manage our rapidly depleting water resources, fund public education, address housing and rental shortages and high prices, women's reproduction rights, mail-in balloting, making it easier for eligible voters to vote and for election.


·       No censorship or book banning, bullies and prohibitions on classroom discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity.  Jennifer Ruben, WashPost


The water problem cannot be placed directly or solely at the feet of Republicans, but they are not helping the solution, lacking vision, a strategic plan and critical thinking, advocating the climate hoax, and  its leadership not tapping needed expertise.    

The  increasingly water shortage is complex -- prolonged drought, the climate crisis, water law deficiencies, a Colorado river crisis we've never seen before, over-pumping aquifers, frenetic growth, a lack of political will and strong collaboration to resolve...    

The solution is complex, nowhere near resolving and calls for: 



Disclose big-dollar donors!  NO to secret millionaires and billionaires buying our elections.


Obscene sums are spent on campaigns enabling unidentified wealthy donors to have critical influence on policies.     $14B+ in 2020, more than double the 2016 record-breaking total.  


Support Prop 211 on the Nov. 2022 ballot requiring political groups and people spending $50,000+ to disclose the original donor of $5,000 contributions, enabling voters to know who is paying for ads.




A substantial bipartisan overhaul of the poorly written ambiguities of the extremely complex 1887 ECA would go far to prevent misuse by a minority contingent of congressmen who tried on 6 Jan. 2021 to overturn electoral college certification and steal the 2020 presidential election. 


A Senate version of an ECA revision is under active consideration with enough Republican Senators including Minority leader McConnell (R-KY) to overcome the filibuster. A vote is planned in December, then House passage and Biden's signing it into law.




A small -- way too small -- majority stopped the steal, the Trump MAGA Republican attempt to steal the legitimate 2020 Biden win. 


The countless repetitions of the unfounded Big Lie accusation that Dems stole the 2020 election is used to rile the base, fundraise, declare loyalty to Trump, hide Trump's loss, justify GOP-controlled state legislatures to gerrymander and pass other laws making it more difficult particularly for eligible Democrats to vote, and easier for Republicans to steal future elections.



Crime increased during the pandemic, the big rise beginning under the Trump administration.


Data show that the Republican simple fix -- their "morally correct" and pricy call for more police on the streets and super-harsh sentencing,  is not effective.  Republican states have the nation’s highest rates of murder, violent crime, property crime and drug overdose deaths. 


Democrats say be tough on crime but be smart* about it,  believing understanding rather  than vengeful societies take care of their people, reducing the economic and social factors that drive most crime.  Dan Pfeiffer

*Invest in law enforcement. Biden's plan exceeds budget proposals from any other recent GOP president.  It include reform (e.g., improved policing, accountability, eliminating police brutality and other misconduct), community policing and safety, and other proven crime-reducing programs (e.g., after-school programs, education, good jobs, social services, and affordable housing).


Lacking effective proposals, Republican


·       Block or oppose (reasonable measures to reduce gun violence, Dem  increased law enforcement spending, the IRS effort to go after wealthy tax-cheats)

·       Blame (the FBI, Democrats)

·       Defend lawbreakers (the Republican Natl. Committee described the Jan. 6 violence as legitimate political discourse, the former president over illegally taking classified documents to Mar-o-Lago)

·       Put forth dishonest, fear-mongering and racist end-of-campaign crime messaging when crime rates are statistically higher in red states.

·       Advocate gun proliferation and lax gun laws -  crime and guns are inextricably linked.


15).The Republican Party's Four Biggest Lies


1. Lie: The 2020 Election was stolen.  

2. Lie: Democrats are soft on crime.

3. Lie: Inflation is due to Biden’s spending, and wage increases? 

4.     Lie: Democrats voted to hire an army of IRS agents who will audit and harass the middle

Let's Make A Change

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