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2022 Propositions

On the November 8, 2022 general election ballot, there were 10 statewide propositions, eight from the legislature and 2 citizen-initiatives.  For Cave Creek School District residents, there was a much needed school district override proposal.

Our YES recommendations and results:

Prop 209 Predatory Debt Protection Act PASSED see below

  • Prop 211 Voter Right to Know (STOP Dark Money) PASSED see below

  • Prop 308 Non-Citizen Resident In-State Tuition (for Dreamers) PASSED

  •  Prop 310 State Sales Tax for Fire District Funding FAILED 

  • Cave Creek School Distict Override  FAILED                                                                   

Our NO recommendations and results

(Republican Legislature attempts to thwart popular citizen initiatives)​

  • Prop 128 Legislature may overturn Voter Initiatives FAILED 

  • Prop 129 Single Subject on Initiatives PASSED

  • Prop 132 Supermajority to pass ballot initiatives PASSED

  • Prop 309 Additional Requirements for mail in ballots  FAILED                                     


  • Prop 130   Disabled Vet Property Tax Exemption (this allows legislature to give other, new tax breaks to their friends) PASSED                         

  • Prop 131 Create Office of Lt. Governor PASSED

Please scroll down to read more about these two propositions.

Details Below 

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