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Most Americans have moved past the pandemic no matter that 78% think we won't be rid of Covid in our lifetimes, and millions have long-Covid and are no longer working. 


Biden turned Trump's botched pandemic response nightmare* into daylight, initiating a nationwide vaccination plan.  Invested $122B in Am. Rescue Plan funds to help K-12 schools safely reopen, stay open, and address lost instructional time and students’ needs, helping reopen over 95% of America’s public schools for in-person learning full-time, up from 46% at the end of the Trump Administration.


*Late in recognizing the pandemic, allowed Americans returning from Asia entry without screening and quarantine if testing positive, consistently downplayed the seriousness and need for vaccinations, masks, closures, while touting untested cures, erred in promoting the economy without serious pandemic measures.  Credit him with pushing vaccine development.


“The magnitude of the country’s loss is nearly impossible to grasp.  One million dead is stunning, undoubtedly undercounted.  Factors include elected officials playing down the threat, * widespread mistrust and resistance to public health measures, lower vaccination rates than in other rich countries. New York Times.

*Conservative governors used preemption to reverse efforts by mayors and school districts to control local transmission rates.  States that rushed to curtail lockdowns in the spring of 2020 experienced more protracted surges in infections and disruptions to their economies.  Eight of the 10 states with the highest covid death rates adjusted for age have Republican governors.  Nine of the 10 states with the worst vaccination rates  have Republican governors. Rubin  Hesitancy remains a huge hurdle to reaching herd immunity

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