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Democrats want to shift the focus from the Trump Administration's:

·       Separation of 1000s of children from parents, many to unknown destinations

·       Inhumane border detention centers

·       Placing asylum applicants in dangerous Mexican holding encampments for years

·       Increasing the immigration asylum  courts backlog to 1.3M cases, and a 4-year waiting list

·       Wasteful spending on incredibly expensive, ineffective, and illegally funded wall


To a sensible border security system, part of a comprehensive immigration reform, based, among other measures, on:

·       Modern technology like drones and tunnel sensors. 

·       An increased focus on ports of entry (where most contraband enters as does 40% of the now undocumented in the who overstayed temporary visas.

·       The proposed Border Patrol Enhancement Act, increasing Border Patrol agents to 20,500, raising pay by 14%, introduced 8/4 and co-sponsored by Sens. Mark Kelly, Krysten Sinema and two Republicans.  No further Senate action to date.


·       The bipartisan Farm Workforce Modernization Act, which passed the House 3/18 247-174 with 30 Republican votes, would allow foreign agricultural workers 2 years in the US to apply for permanent residence.  No Senate action to date.

·       More funding for E-Verify, more immigration judges to drastically reduce backlogs.

·       Closing some gaps in the border wall.




Democrats believe that

·       Immigration is a defining aspect of the American character, and our shared history and should continue to be so. 

·       The millions of undocumented in the US and the crush of millions more attempting to enter require a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform.   

·       Much could be accomplished if  Republicans collaborated rather than adamantly opposing reform, blaming Democrats for the broken immigration system, and offering no viable plan of their own.* 

* House Minority Leader McCarthy's recent four-point, one-page plan "Commitment to America" mostly details Biden Administration "shortcomings." Its section on securing the borders and combatting illegal immigration has vague aspirations, policies  Biden already has underway, and focuses on the radical extremes of the MAGA party while trying to make those extremes sound mild. Jasmine Aguilera, Time.  

Democrats want: 

·       Improved border security -- see IMMIGRATION - BORDER SECURITY

·       A permanent solution creating a pathway for citizen for Dreamers - see IMMIGRATION - DREAMERS

·       A common sense, balanced, and comprehensive immigration reform that, besides securing our borders, respects the rule of law,  provides immigrants with a fair chance of achieving the American Dream, and is good for the economy. 

·       A fair and orderly processing of asylum applications

·       Humanitarian support to address the acute needs that pressure individuals to abandon their home countries.

·       Expanded access in Mexico and Central America to temporary work visas. 

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