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With a 50-50 Senate and Dem Senators Manchin and Sinema refusing to approve filibuster carve-outs, the only way to pass anything significant, except for Administration nominees and once-a-year reconciliation, is by means of Democrats pressing ten Senate Republicans, rarely more than 10-17 sign on.  This pressing has enabled Biden, in his first two years, to sign a remarkable number of bills into law such as:    


·       The $57B transformational Postal Reform to save the USPS up to $50 billion over 10 years and eliminate the absurd 50-year pension fund (Mar. 2022).

·       The Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (March 2022)

·       The $1.2T Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (Nov. 2021)

A longer list is at  + ACCOMPLISHMENTS, proof positive that  with the right leadership there is more bipartisanship.

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