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A Majority Agenda


More examples of issues supported by a majority of Americans and the Democratic Party but opposed by the Republican Party:

·       Bipartisanship

·       Reducing our country's divisions

·       Ending Congressional Gridlock

·       Reproductive Rights

·       Citizenship for Dreamers, children brought to the US by undocumented parents

·       Public Schools

·       The wealthy paying their fair share of taxes

·       The IRS pursuing well-to-do tax cheats

·       An Equal Rights Amendment

·       Equal pay for equal work.

·       DC Statehood for 700,000 disenfranchised tax-paying US citizens

·       Voter Rights 

·       Biden's American Rescue Plan

·       Police Reform

·       Government-sponsored healthcare,  Affordable Care Act expansion

·       Racial justice

·       Marijuana legalization

·       More government action on the climate crisis

·       Opposition to overturning Roe vs. Wade (78%)

·       A federal minimum wage raise

·       Schools teaching the truth about both slavery and racism (73%)


In AZ (from 2020 Gallup poll & Ctr. for the Future of AZ) What the Democratic Party and most Arizonans want:


·       Election Reform. Continuing voting by mail (73% support), early in-person voting (79%) automatic voter registration when applying for a driver's license or state ID (77%), ending both dark money (secret wealthy donors) and gerrymandering.


·       Education reform.  Nearly three-fourths don't think the state is providing a high-quality public education experience. 

·        Immigration reform, including a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers (86%). ·       Criminal justice reform.  A system that's focused on rehabilitation.

·        Care affordability

·        Labor Market Reform.   Better pay, job stability and more opportunities for careers for young people.

·       Protecting wild areas (92% saw as important)

·       Regulating rural water supplies (85%).

·       Using clean energy (74%). 

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