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BMD&F November 2022 Monthly Bulletin

Where Do We Go From Here?

When: Saturday, November 19
Where:  Desert  Foothills Library
38443 N School House Rd, Cave Creek, AZ
Time: Social time 10:15 - 10:30 am
Meeting starts 10:30 - 11:30 am

You can also join us on-line via Zoom

Meeting ID: 420 964 0134
Passcode: 2020  

Guest Speaker:  
TERRY GODDARD, former State Attorney General

Terry will debrief the outcomes of the November General Election and discuss issues and strategies for the upcoming 2024 Election.
Most recently Terry was instrumental in getting Proposition 211 on the ballot to stop ‘dark money,’ a term for when the source of funds spent to influence the outcome of an election is kept secret.  Under Prop 211, anyone — individuals or political groups — that spends more than $50,000 to influence an election in Arizona would have to disclose the original source of any donations they receive that exceed $5,000.
Terry was elected to his second full term on the CAWCD Board of Directors to represent Maricopa County.  He is currently serving as Board President, and previously served one term as Board Vice President.
Terry is an attorney with Goddard Law Office PLC. He served as Mayor of Phoenix from 1984-1990 and was the Arizona Attorney General from 2003-2011.  Terry earned a BA from Harvard and a law degree from AZ State University College of Law.  He served on active duty in the US Navy and retired as a commander after 27 years in the Naval Reserves.



At this meeting we will celebrate the accomplishments of BMD&F members and volunteers over the past year. Refreshments will be served.


The right to vote is the most critical principle of a democracy.





With controversial issues such as abortion rights, climate change, water shortages and health care on the ballot, this November’s elections could be among the most consequential in American political history.


Thanks to Jane Rhodes and Tom Sonandres

for their very informative presentation

at our October meeting addressing

critical issues, candidates,

propositions and judges. 



Detailed information on the propositions and judges can be found on: 

Black Mountain Dems and Friends website:


LD3 website:


         The monthly Roundtable will meet on Tuesday, November 15, at 9 AM at

LocalJonny’s (6033 E Cave Creek Rd, Cave Creek).

Join us to celebrate the hard work everyone has put into this election, to discuss the outcomes of the election and think about implications for

Black Mt Dems in the months ahead.



The Republican Party’s Four Biggest Lies


1.  The election was stolen.

  • After almost two years of their countless allegations exhaustively debunked, Republicans have no solid evidence of significant fraud.

  • Voting for election-deniers (Lake, Masters, Finchem, Hamadeh) is voting for those who don't support representative democracy and who don't respect what eligible voters decided in 2020                                                                    


2.  Democrats are soft on crime.

  • Republican states have the nation’s highest rates of murder, violent crime, property crime and drug overdose deaths. 

  • The surge in violent crime (28%) and gun homicides (35%) rose on Trump's watch (2019-2020)

  • Biden’s plan to invest in law enforcement exceeds budget proposals from any recent GOP presidents.

  • Biden’s plan calls for improved community policing, accountability, community safety, and other proven crime-reducing programs.


3.  Inflation is due to Biden’s spending and wage increases.

  • Do-nothing Republicans have no effective solution to inflation.

  • They blame Biden for what neither he nor any President can control.

  • They oppose Biden’s anti-inflation measures (lowering Medicare costs, clean energy tax credits).

  • They avoid mentioning that high inflation began in the Trump era.

  • Lowering costs should be a bipartisan endeavor, not just a Democratic one.


4.  Democrats voted to hire an army of IRS agents who will audit and harass the middle class. 

  • Rates for households earning $400,000 or less will remain the same.

  • The IRS will be hiring staff to pursue the ultra-wealthy and to take on the well-to-do's squads of accountants and tax attorneys hiding their taxable incomes.

  • The Inflation Reduction Act, passed in July, provides funding to get IRS staffing back to pre-2010 levels, the year Republicans cut IRS staff by 30% despite ever increasing tax return filings.


30 Days of Good News

“A federal appeals court has turned down former Arizona GOP senate candidate Kelli Ward’s attempt to block a House committee subpoena for her phone records in connection with an investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol building and other events related to the 2020 presidential election.” Politico in Political Wire, 10/22

The Treasury Dept. said the annual fed budget deficit shrank by half, plummeting from 2021's $2.8T to roughly $1.4T in 2022 — a decline driven primarily by the expiration of trillions in pandemic-era emergency spending, but also due in part due to stronger-than-expected tax receipts from a booming U.S. economy and large corporate profits. Washington Post in Political Wire, 10/21

“The backup of container ships off Southern California’s coast at the heart of U.S. supply chain congestion during the Covid-19 pandemic has effectively disappeared.” Wall Street Journal in Political Wire, 10/21.

For more detailed information on these issues and 30 Days of Good News go to:



                                                                      75% of voters believe the state elections are fair
                                                                      70% say they are secure
                                                                      77% are confident that the November election                                                                                  results will be accurate


Voters can choose from any of our open locations, instead of being assigned to one location only. Locations began opening October 12, with more opening throughout early voting. On Election Day, November 8, all Vote Centers are open from 6 a.m. - 7 p.m. 


"Return your early ballot now" 

Voters can easily track their ballot by signing up for text or email notifications. Early voters will be notified when your ballot is prepared, mailed, received, verified and counted. In person voters can also see alerts when they cast a ballot at the polls. Tracking your ballot is as easy as texting "JOIN" to 628-683 or by visiting your voter dashboard online at BeBallotReady.Vote.


                                                       Maricopa County is still looking to hire election                                                                         workers, offering big bonuses to ensure there is                                                                       enough staffing for the November general election. 
Beyond the polling location, Maricopa County needs hundreds of community members to support elections in other positions. Help to verify early ballot signatures, work in our mail room and more! Pay starts at $12.80/hr. and varies per position. Must have open availability, schedules per location may vary. May be asked to work on the weekends or extended hours based on the workload. Must be a registered voter in the State of Arizona


Learn more about jobs related to the November election at:

Maricopa County Election Recruiter



                                                      A big shout-out to Jane Rhodes for her leadership                                                                and dedication to the highly successful Postcard                                                                  Project.  Thanks also to Lynn Walsh for opening her                                                              home for the monthly meetings. 

Here are the successful outcomes of post-carding:

50 committed writers

3 supportive non-writers

4.000+ postcards per month 
40,000 postcards sent 

50,000+ voters reached


           Tuesday          November 8           Election Day  6 AM – 7 PM
           Tuesday          November 15         Roundtable  9 AM
           Saturday         November 19         BMD&F Monthly Meeting  10:15

Note: The Black Mountain Dems and Friends won’t be having a monthly meeting in December.  See you in January!


To watch the debate between Martin Quezada and Kim Yee, candidates for State Treasurer:
Sample ballot look-up – AZ Dems
What is the most important mid-term issue?

Katie Hobbs



Martin Quezada

State Treasurer


Thomas Duggar

State Senate LD3


Stephanie Simacek



Adrian Fontes

Secretary of State


Julie Gunnigle

Maricopa Cty Attorney


Cindy Cummens



Kris Mayes

Attorney General


Sandra Kennedy

Corporation Commission


Brian Bunkers



Kathy Hoffman

Supt of Public Instruction


Lauren Kuby

Corporation Commission


Craig Beckman



Email: Black Mountain Dems and Friends
Website: Black Mountain Dems and Friends Website

LD3 Dems
Arizona Democratic Party
Maricopa County Dems

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