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Women's Rights



75% of Americans say decisions on abortion should be left to the woman and her doctor -- 95% of Democrats, 81% of independents and 53% of Republicans.  Washington Post-ABC poll, Nov. 2021.   Seven of 10 oppose overturning Roe including a majority of Republicans. LATEST?


Vote For Dems Up And Down The Ballot We need a LAW to remove 1901 BAN on all abortions


-- AZ has a 1901 law in the books totally banning abortion, criminalizing it, and requiring prison time for abortion providers. “When I’m elected, I will codify Roe v. Wade in AZ and ensure access to abortion is constitutionally protected. I will veto any law that compromises the fundamental right to choose”.  Katie Hobbs, Democratic candidate for governor.


-- You still have the right to choose, between voting for Republicans who took your reproductive rights or Democrats who want to return them.  Mike Luckovich, Atlantic Constitution. 


-- “The abortion issue is entirely polarized on partisan lines. If you want to preserve women’s health and freedom, you’ll vote Democratic  If you want to force women to give birth against their will and to criminalize medicine, you’ll vote for the GOP… the people who apparently thought America was at its best in 1868”.  Jennifer Rubin, WashPost.


-- Express your anger at the ballot box.  There’s one thing women’s bodies can shut down. It’s called the Republican Party.


Potentially Coming down the Republican pipeline unless Dems win in 2022 and 2024:


  • Miscarriage is considered murder

  • An IUD ban (ID)

  • A society of snitches, suspicion, promoting fear and mistrust among neighbors. Vigilante justice (TX)

  • Nationwide ban on abortion (R SC Sen. Lindsey Graham bill)

  • Interracial marriage ban

  • Gay marriage ban

  • No abortion exceptions (e.g., incest, rape, danger to life of the mother, other heart-breaking cases (SC bill barely defeated)

  • Punish companies paying for out-of-state abortion (bill introduced by R FL Sen. Rubio)

  • “The treatment for an ectopic pregnancy is abortion.  The treatment for a septic uterus is abortion.  The treatment for a miscarriage that your body won’t release is abortion.  If you can’t get those abortions, you die.  Elizabeth, Minister and writer at Elizabeth@elizabethlgr How close to death does a women have to get to make abortion an option??

  • Threats to imprison or execute abortion violators

More than half of 64M US women and girls of reproductive age live in states that seek to ban or further restrict access to abortion. New York Times.


-- They are anti-women, against the right of a woman to control her own body and make her own medical decisions.   For denying women the power to decide whether to undergo a substantial physical, hormonal, emotional and financial obligation for nine months.  

-- All abortion bans create instances when abortion is the only moral choice.  You cannot write an abortion law that completely prevents all situations in which a pregnancy will inflict such trauma that the demand for forced pregnancy will seem monstrous. Different grievous hypotheticals like the 10-year-old in Ohio will come true.  Some already have.  It is unpopular and immoral to force children to give birth.  Ana Marie Cox, NBC

-- Forced-birth means government moral policing controls women's destiny, puts women at risk of life or death without consent, violates the right of privacy, imposes Christian beliefs on the country's reproduction freedom, brushes  anguished reasons not to have unwanted babies (e.g., poverty, abusive partner, age, insufficient life skills), takes away personal medical decisions and the huge decision to become a parent, make the fetus more important than the adverse circumstances for the child when a woman continues a pregnancy against her will.

-- How can pro-life advocates support the death penalty?  Cease caring or providing a stronger safety net for children and families once the baby leaves the womb?*  Oppose vaccines and masks that would have significantly reduced Covid deaths?  Support politicians who oppose most firearm safety measures that would significantly reduce gun-deaths?   or providing a stronger safety net for the children women are forced to bear. 


  • The US has the highest infant mortality in the western world.

  • America is the only wealthy nation without government-mandated paid maternity leave, and already severely lacks affordable childcare. 

  • In 2019, 72% of mothers worked full or part-time, a percentage that's bound to drop as those forced to carry unwanted pregnancies leave the job market.State-level abortion restrictions cost more than $100B due to reduced earning levels, increased job turnover, and time off for women between 15 and 44 years old. Now that cost will get much higher.  Institute for Women’s Policy Research, May 2021.

ABORTION alternatives

-- Precaution (e.g., contraception, abstinence) reduces unwanted pregnancies far more than re-criminalizing abortion, which would not stop abortions only again make them unsafe.* Over half of 18-29-year-olds would get abortion, if with an unplanned or otherwise unwanted child, even if it were illegal.

*They can't end abortion.  They can only end safe abortion.  Protestor's sign.

-- Let's discuss:

  • Reasonable and logical ways to reduce abortions and unwanted pregnancies (e.g., contraception, abstinence, sex education). 

  • The responsibilities of males in causing pregnancy and supporting their offspring, of family planning, of having and raising children, of society, of the social network, including funding, to keep families together as a first priority, and preventing abuse of unwanted children.*

  • How many would have decided against abortion if there were support for raising unwanted babies that Dems advocate -- childcare, parental leave, fathers legally obliged to support?  73% of women seek abortion because of financial shortcomings.

  • *Mortality from abortions sharply dropped after Roe. The abortion rate, which has declined since the 1990s,  is currently at 13.9 per 1000 pregnancies, lower than 1973's 16.3 per 1000, the year Roe took effect. After Roe v. Wade, death and hospitalizations due to unsafe abortion almost entirely ended.

  • *In 2009, CO began offering teen free IUDs without parental consent. Within 8 years teen pregnancies dropped 54%, teen abortion rates fell by 64%. very  Every $1 spent on the program saved $5.85 in labor and delivery costs, child-care assistance and food stamps.

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