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Climate Crisis

Democrats passed the biggest ever climate bill that will make historic investments in anti-climate and clean energy measures.  $370B in renewables, electric vehicles, hydrogen, clean energy equipment manufacturing, home efficiency and other climate programs.  A positive first step.  Not one Republican vote. 

Farmers have gotten the message, buffeted by floods, spikes of heat and drought. They are ripping out crops in California, thinning cattle herds in the parched Dakotas, digging deeper wells in Iowa... We need to fight the climate crisis with the same urgency as we confronted the pandemic.  The Guardian, 2021 

 We need to move far more quickly on the climate emergency.  One of every three Americans this summer lived in an USG-declared a federal disaster area where 388 died from hurricane, wildfire, flood, and heat wave. WashPost, 2021.  

A year of unprecedented wildfires, hurricanes, and heat domes has the American public's concerns at record levels, including a majority of Republicans.  Verywellmind:  Gen Z (born 1997-2012 and 38% of the US population) is the generation most worried about global warming.

 GOP:  Climate hoax, climate denial.    Democrats:  Climate crisis. 

 Corporations make profits off damaging our climate. Place clean air and water for all ahead of Republican-defended excessive corporate profits, vote for Dems up and down the ballot.   

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