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Black Mountain Dems and Friends is a volunteer-run polital action committee (PAC)  created by boots on the ground community organizers.  We hope to blend political, social commentary with election resources and action to encourage a more engaged and informed Arizona.  In this current political environment, so much of the focus is on the national stage.  We cover news and current events Arizona wide with a particular focus on Cave Creek and Carefree.  We encourage respectful participation from Democrats, independents, and Republicans on our member forum. 


Focusing on the principles of the Democratic party, we strive to educate, inspire, and ‍motivate local  residents to vote in regional, state and national elections.    

We will accomplish this by:            

  • Supporting  Democratic party plans and       


  •  Working in conjunction with Legislative District 3.

  • Partnering where appropriate with other like-minded people on issues, propositions, etc

  •  Creating, distributing and disseminating

          educational materials regarding our
          candidates, issues and propositions.                        





Our vision is to enhance voter turnout with a goal of 100% Democratic party turnout and to increase voter support for Democratic candidates from voters registered as Democratic Party members and like-minded Independent or no-designated party registered voters.


  • We support Democratic Party Principles     

  • We are dedicated to practices that respect Democratic Party Principles       

  • We value all persons who wish to be involved in our group regardless of race, religious   creed, sexual orientations, age or nation of origin.         

  • We hold dear our country, our Constitution, our flag and our military who defend our national             values.     

  • We believe all should have a voice and support fair, accessible voting rights.

Our Mission
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